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Remotely Managed Hardware, Software, and Cloud

All businesses have the same concern when it comes to IT support: they want fewer problems and faster recovery. As an experienced and highly trusted IT managed services provider, Computrex keeps your network and your business running smoothly.

Computrex’s IT Managed Services programs are the result of hundreds of hours of research, development, integration, and IT consulting. Each program is designed to prevent problems, create efficiencies, and provide proactive quality assurance. When problems do arise, our proven processes and technologies help to correct them faster.

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Cloud Servers and Cloud Applications

Computrex will review your current IT structure and determine if your company can benefit from moving your data into the cloud.  This will be completed through a cost/benefit analysis.  Computrex has been a trusted technology advisor for small and medium businesses since 1993.  We continue this legacy with the latest technologies and  will take a cautious approach as we leverage your future IT needs with your current IT budget.

Corporate LAN Solutions

A fully integrated network is one of the best productivity-enhancing tools available to a growing business today, tapping into your existing network to expand capabilities. Computrex can connect multiple sites, deliver remote access, use both internal and external email, and increase levels of security.

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Database Integration

A company’s critical data must be available when needed. Safeguarding crucial information is of high priority. Information! Everyone’s got it, but where to put it? At Computrex, we can help you take advantage of the information superhighway— safely and efficiently.

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Preventive Maintenance

Need a professional cleaning of your system so it doesn’t overheat from dust and dirt? Leave your worries to Computrex! Our Preventive Maintenance service will ensure your PC is running at optimal performance.

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Troubleshoot & Repair

Computers crash, monitors go blank, copiers refuse to copy… etc. At Computrex we do not simply design and install technology solutions for small and mid-size businesses, we fix and maintain equipment so you can keep your business running.

We service and repair all brands, makes and models of computers, notebooks, laptops, and software. We perform system optimizations and troubleshoot Windows operating system problems. We also service and maintain network servers and workstations for your business needs.

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