Is your computer running slow or plagued by pop-ups? It could be infected with viruses, spyware, or both. According to consumer reports, Americans spend more than $3 billion buying new PCs each year simply because their old PCs were infested with so many malicious programs from the internet.

virusEveryone on our team specializes in virus and spyware removal.

Our first order of business is to protect your data. Our methods make sure that you leave with the same pictures, music, videos, and documents that were present on the computer when you brought it in for service.

Whether it’s at your home, in our store, or at your business everyone on our team specializes in virus and spyware removal. Computrex has developed a method of removing spyware that ensures that we find all of the malicious items running on your computer. We even take it a step further by ensuring your operating system is fully updated with all service packs and security patches, decreasing the odds of bad programs entering your system again. It is much more affordable than buying a brand new computer.

After the viruses and spyware have been removed, we make sure that your computer is protected from futher infection. If your machine was brought in with an up-to-date virus protection subscription, we make sure that your software is properly functioning and its definitions are up-to-date. If you did not have any protection we install a free virus scanner that will give you basic protection. We also offer options for subscription based anti-virus such as Symantec and McAfee.