Our focus is the future and we will continue to evaluate, reevaluate, and evolve in order to suit our customers needs.

Computrex is an all-inclusive IT solution company which focuses strictly on developing business relationships with its home and business customers. Our goal is to provide stellar customer service at a fair and comparable price. Ideally we want to monitor and prevent costly IT repairs by monitoring your PCs, workstations, internet connection and network security. With the increase of internet usage at home and in the office, it is critical for individuals and businesses to protect their data. Our attention to detail for the past 23 years has allowed us to save our clients thousands of dollars. Most of our business success has derived from word of mouth. Therefore, you will never feel like you are calling an IT helpdesk. You are calling your friends at your local Computrex office. And our business continues to focus on reducing technology headaches by developing relationships within Philadelphia Metro area.


Mike Latsko was born in Phoenixville. Mike’s passion for programming and electronics repair began at the ripe age of 10 years old. Nearly 13 years later, Computrex Computer’s and Electronics, Inc. made its way from his parent’s basement to downtown Phoenixville. Mike is Microsoft Certified and has 17 years of experience in Network Administration and Design under his belt.  The business grew from the vast explosion in the world of technology in the 1990’s. Computrex continued to blossom and today offers IT services that include both home and business clients alike within the Greater Philadelphia area. The business developed by cultivating meaningful business and personal relationships with his clients. In the 23 years of Computrex’s existence the majority of clients have come from customer referrals and testimonials. Today he resides in Montgomery County with his beautiful wife Tish and his son Jack. During his spare time, he enjoys playing the drums and doing photography.

When asked what has contributed to Computrex’s continued growth and success Mike replied, “I love what I do. I love making the customers happy. Most of all, I have been successful because I focus on building relationships with my customers”. Mike flourishes when his customers flourish. The strongest source of industry knowledge comes from other businesses and how Computrex can best facilitate in providing them with “IT peace of mind”.


Our History

Comptrex Computers & Electronics began operating in August 1993. Originally the business derived from selling pagers to clients. A month later, Computrex had sold its very first computer system (PC) which was an Intel 386 with 1 MB of ram. The Computrex customers found themselves referring these products to their friends and family members. Eventually, testimonials about this local business would surface about how they hand deliver computer systems and set them up for clients… “Personalized & Quality Service”.

A constant stream of referral business  helped Comptrex Computers & Electronics successfully move into a brick and motor in 1996 in the Historic Phoenixville area. In fact, business was thriving and the organization became a corporation. It added a retail sales floor and additional services to include In-store upgrades, On-site computer repair, Network connectivity. Being at this location allowed the corporation to expand its relationships with software and hardware vendors to include Western Digital, Microsoft, Intel, Diamond Multimedia, Creative Labs to name a few.

In 1999, the corporation outgrew its storefront space and had to relocate and occupy a larger space in the same area 215 Bridge St. Upon moving into the new space, the owner decided to shift its focus from selling cell phones and pagers to exclusively network installations based on the needs of the customers. Since technology is vast and forever changing, Computrex works with various internet providers as well as the some of the best vendors to ensure the security of their client’s data.

Since 2009, Computrex Computers & Electronics has been expanding with the needs of their home and business customers. They have developed better service for customers and ensures its commitment to quality and accuracy of its work. The focus of the future is to customize the experience when you call or walk through the door. The team of IT professionals share the passion of evaluating and evolving with the home and business customer’s needs. More importantly, building long lasting relationships within the Greater Philadelphia area will remain how they thrive in a competitive market.