In a perfect world, office equipment would run forever. In reality, computers crash, monitors go blank, copiers refuse to copy… etc. At Computrex we do not simply design and install technology solutions for small and mid-size businesses, we fix and maintain equipment so you can keep your business running.

comp_repairWe perform a complete inspection on every machine that is serviced by Computrex.

We service and repair all brands, makes and models of computers, notebooks, laptops, and software. We perform system optimizations and troubleshoot Windows operating system problems. We also service and maintain network servers and workstations for your business needs.


  • Data recovery
  • restoring access to local network
  • Computer shutdowns
  • Can’t read from a CD or Memory Stick
  • System hangs / freezes
  • System will not start
  • Workstation not able to print
  • Can not connect to the Internet
  • Restoring wireless connection
  • malfunctioning video card
  • Unable to access internet
  • System errors / blue screens

We perform a complete inspection on every machine that is serviced by Computrex.  Every system is checked to make sure the latest virus definitions are loaded and all of the devices are working properly.

Even if we are just there to get your printer reconnected, you can be sure that when we leave, alldevices are functioning properly.