Charles, Digital Marketing Industry, Royersford

“I wanted to express, in writing, how truly impressed I have been by the competent and professional service rendered by Computrex. Recently, I brought my computer in for evaluation, as it is six years old; having run more and more slowly for the past year and half. To make matters worse, it somehow contracted a series of viruses that brought its functionality to a virtual halt. Being convinced it was time for a new computer, I made a phone call and spoke with Scott, your associate, seeking some expertise. Before calling, I was sure, the only viable course of action was to begin the search for another system, expecting a ‘trite’ confirmation from your company. Over the telephone, Scott quickly discerned that despite both my computer’s age and progression of events, all was not lost. He spent more than 15 minutes with me on the phone during the initial consult, convincing me it was worthwhile to bring the CPU in for an evaluation. Scott stressed it was likely Computrex could pinpoint the glitches and isolate the viruses; with the ability to remedy both and make my computer run – as though it was new again. Well – much to my surprise – he was correct! After a thorough battery of diagnostic tests, he quickly established it was worth rehabilitating. Within an impressive turnaround time and without complications or undue stress; I was able to pickup my computer – for a mere fraction of what it would have cost to purchase a new one -YES! I am amazed at how incredibly fast and ‘glitch free’ it continues to operate now. What a difference and pleasure it is to get back to my business of working on the computer. It may be running as smoothly and quickly as it did, upon my purchasing of it? WOW, BRAVISSIMO, COMPUTEX, BRAVISSIMO! Most impressive, is the courtesy and care Scott and your entire staff provided me in my service experience. Computrex’s comprehensive approach to ‘client service’ is surely not the norm in 2010. Unfortunately, this is an ‘all-to-rare’ experience regarding service providers in any industry – it just doesn’t readily exist these days. As a ‘Service Marketing Executive’ and consultant, I have dedicated much of my 24 year professional life to instilling in others the very values Computrex exemplifies on a daily basis. This is not the first time, I or others I’ve recommended to you, have been thoroughly satisfied. Briefly stated, Computrex is a service provided where the utmost technical expertise meets the highest levels of concern for and servicing of your customer. Thank you so much, Mr. Latsko! I will continue to recommend your company to many. Congratulations on a continued Job well Done!”

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