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Computer Repair

At Computrex we have been providing the highest level of computer repair for the last 20+ years. We believe that your data is yours and it is our top priority to keep your data safe. We are not a simple “reformat shop.” We take the time to get to the root of the actual problem. We make your PCs happy, so you will be happy too.

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Computer Upgrade

As technology moves forward the computer industry creates more advanced applications to better meet demands. This also raises the hardware requirement for computer users.  Upgrading your system is the best way to ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with today’s ever-increasing hardware demands and take full advantage of what today’s technology has to offer.

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Virus And Spyware Removal and Prevention

After the viruses and spyware have been removed, we make sure that your computer is protected from further infection by offering you the latest Monitored Virus Protection

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Preventive Maintenance Contract

Computrex also offers a remote monitoring solution that allows us to monitor your computer hardware.  This optional service is $199 per year.  It includes the above services, and repair if your computer becomes infected.  Preventive Maintenance Tune-ups are included so that any time you feel your computer is running slow we can do a quick clean up.  If any hardware fails it notifies Computrex so that we can notify you of the severity and the steps to resolution.  For example, we can alert you if your hard drive is getting near full.  This will prevent the system from crashing and prevent data loss.

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We are announcing Packaged Services


  • Break/Fix

Hardware Monitoring

  • Hardware Monitoring Service for One Year
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Antivirus & AntiMalware

  • Antivirus & AntiMalware solution, and Hardware Monitoring for one year.


  • Virus Removal, Preventive Maintenance and Tune up, Antivirus & AntiMalware solution, and Hardware Monitoring and Remote Support for one year.

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