Have a Back – Up Plan

Have a Back – Up Plan

Losing data can be detrimental to a business that needs to constantly operate effectively and efficiently. Naturally you want people to be drawn to your website and a lot of those potential customers input data, etc. Businesses trust that the website is functional to serve its purpose of attracting new business, retaining current business and collecting necessary data. When you build a website and use a company to host (maintain the website), you do not expect to lose data. However, this article regarding 123-reg deleting websites during an update confirms the importance of consulting with an IT company and having both companies collaborate with having the proper measures in place.

At Computrex Computers we have developed such great relationships within the community. This allows us to be a wonderful referral source for our clients to work with reputable webhosting companies through our consulting services. Our clients rely on us to point them in a right direction for webhosting companies that do backups which is an added bonus to our IT suite of services.


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